Compelling Process Essay Topics To Consider

Many college composition courses start students off with what is known as the process essay assignment. It’s a way of gauging whether students are appropriately prepared to describe in a clear or direct way how something happens or how something is done. This article shows you how to write a process essay as well as you some original and interesting ideas developed by professional writers for process essay topics for college courses:

Choose a Topic and Develop an Outline

Compositions teachers will often give you a list of topic or encourage you develop one of your own. No matter which you prefer be sure to select a topic which you are totally confident in writing about. Keep the assignment lighthearted and fun – remember that you are being graded on your ability to describe the process of. (See below for suggestions).

Expand on Each Step in Your Rough Draft

Once you’ve selected a topic with which you are happy, you can start doing some pre-writing by expanding on each step of the process. Provide as much detail as possible, as if you were explaining the process to someone that has never heard of the topic before. Since this is only a rough draft you should write freely without having to think too much about coming up with just the right words.

Revise, Edit and Proofread Your Process

Finally, you’re ready to revise, edit and proofread what will become the final draft of the paper. This is the stage where you should think about revising and editing your content so that you are clearly and directly providing the process. Also, check for mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Now that you understand the basics of how to write a process essay, you’re ready to do the assignment on your own. If you need some ideas, consider the following topics for your college course:

  1. How to Win at Five Draw Poker Every Time
  2. How to Overcome Severe Procrastination
  3. How to Quit Smoking in a Matter of Weeks
  4. How to Set Up Camp in Less than a Half Hour
  5. How to Sink a Behind the Back Basketball Shot