How To Deal With Rebuttal Essay Writing Effectively

The trick to writing a great academic assignment starts by choosing an excellent topic. Ideally, you want to choose something you are interested in as well as something that pushes the limits. This will make dealing with your assignment a breeze, no matter how strict your professor may be. Now, you might have some trouble coming up with your own topics – many students do – so we have come up with a list of rebuttal essay topics for your consideration:

  1. Provide an argument for why gender stereotypes are no longer valid, and how promoting these beliefs encourage issues of self-esteem in children and teenagers.
  2. Provide an argument for why marijuana should remain illegal. Are the economic benefits of regulation really worth the risk of increased access to people who can cause harm?
  3. Provide the case for how increasing the list of illegal controlled substances will only work to increase the reach of black markets as well as encourage even more crime.
  4. Provide a case for how teenagers and young adults are facing too many social pressures to go to college rather than learn a practical trade that will land them a well-paying job.
  5. Make an argument in favor of companies to have strict policies against hiring or keeping employees who partake in smoking or drinking alcohol.
  6. Provide an argument for college institutions to deny their students the right to transfer to other schools without first spending at least two years at their schools of origin.
  7. Make an argument in favor of the right for parents to monitor their children’s internet use until they are of legal age or have the means to support themselves economically.
  8. Provide the case for teenagers’ rights to privacy regardless of whether or not they do not yet have the means to support themselves economically or how they perform in school.

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