Recommendations On Exemplification Essay Writing

Crafting really good exemplification essay topics is a great way of improving your chances for success with this kind of assignments. It’s basically an extension of the argumentative paper, but the emphasis is more towards using precise examples to prove an argument rather than simply making a case for or against an issue.

Here are some excellent exemplification essay topics ideas for your consideration:

  1. Discuss the ways in which global warming has directly affected several weather changes in many rural areas where local farming communities have struggled to produce the world’s supply of food and are running out of options.

  2. How does the melting of glaciers at both polar ice caps affect the world’s water levels? What are the scientific projections for water shortages around the world in the coming decades if this continues?

  3. How have actions by the European Union affected the world’s peace negotiations with areas in the Middle East? Choose three specific actions taken by the EU that have positively affected the search for world peace.

  4. What evidence is there in support of euthanasia as a means to reduce health care costs and provide greater comfort in end-of-life patients who are still cognizant and can make their own health decision?

  5. Discuss the ways in which organ donation programs have failed to produce the desired amount of people who are willing to anonymously donate to people outside of the family. What evidence exists to support funding of these programs?

  6. How have the recent concussion scandals in major sports leagues like the NFL and NHL affected the way athletic players’ organizations approach collective bargaining agreements with each new round of negotiations?

  7. How have local bike helmet laws positively or negatively impacted cyclists’ safety in the last fifteen years? Have costly advertisements promoting the programs proven to be a good investment for cities’ budgets?

Feel free to use the above exemplification essay topics for your assignment or to draw inspiration for the development of your own ideas. You should also consider checking with a quality professional writing service to get some fresh suggestions from expert writers.