The Basics Of Composing Evaluative Essays

The evaluative essay assignment requires students to analyze and evaluate a subject based on some defined criteria. Students are expected to analyze both sides of an argument equally and come up with a well-structured argument. The following are the basics you need to compose an excellent evaluative essay writing assignment:

Find a Manageable Topic to Evaluate

Your teacher might give you a list of topics or ideas to choose from. Be sure to consider each one carefully and account for the amount of time and energy you will need to commit to the project. Don’t choose something you will not be able to manage. Stick with something that is challenging, interesting, but won’t be impossible to take on given your schedule and available resources.

Brainstorm a Few Thesis Statements

Once you have selected a topic with which you are satisfied you should brainstorm a few different arguments to serve as potential thesis statements. These do not have to be fully developed, but they should provide a clear argument and be written clearly and concisely. The reader will have an easier time connecting with your work if there is little confusion about the position you are taking on the topic. Critique each thesis statement and choose the one that makes for the most effective argument.

Provide the Context of the Topic

When thinking about the context of the selected topic, you are essentially thinking of the appropriate background information the reader will need to know to understand the problem or questions concerning your topic. This could be anything from giving background information on the writing of a book or an essay or on the creation of some piece of art. The context should be included at the beginning of your paper so the reader can proceed with little to no confusion about the topic.

Select the Right Evaluation Criteria

The most important part of writing this kind of assignment is developing a well-defined system for critiquing whatever project it is you are evaluating. Take a simplified approach when you create your criteria: start with the main idea and work your way down to more focused ideas you will be analyzing. For example, if you are writing about a book, you might want to look at plot and structure. Test out your criteria a few times. You will certainly have to rewrite your criteria at least one or two times, so it’s a good idea to get it right well before you start your in-depth analysis.

Finally, Get Started on Your Writing

Once you have completed the motions highlighted above, you’re ready to start with the writing process. Break this up into multiple tasks, starting with the creation of an outline, a first draft, a revised draft, and lastly a third and final draft that is completely edited and proofread. Different writers will have different techniques for crafting each draft, but most will employ some developed plan or schedule to keep them on track. Click to read more information on how to compose this kind of writing assignment or to get original evaluative essay topics compiled by professionals.