Outstanding Editorial Essay Topics to Choose From

Learning how to write an editorial essay starts with one thing: having a really good paper topic to choose from. We know that students can sometimes have trouble coming up with a topic ideas on their own, so we’ve asked experts to provide these editorial essay topics for you to use or to draw some inspiration from:

  1. The effects of global warming on the earth’s geography. How are coastal towns being affected?
  2. The reasons for making online gambling in all U.S. states. Will the nation’s economy grow?
  3. Why making gay marriage a federal right will help the economy. Will gay married couples contribute?
  4. Would allowing capital punishment in all states deter the amount of violent crimes nationally?
  5. Is a higher education really necessary in today’s world which requires more technical training?
  6. Is today’s society in the United States living up to the expectations of the founding fathers?
  7. Are today’s teenagers addicted to social media communication and what happens in the future?
  8. Are video games negatively affecting teenagers’ desire to partake in outdoor physical activities?
  9. What do today’s college students feel about the notion that to be wealthy means to be happy?
  10. Do you think it’s wrong for people to sit in coffee shops to use Wi-Fi without purchasing anything?
  11. Is parents-teacher night still an important tool for encouraging students’ academic success?
  12. Do you think that people today have too many expectations that it leads to over-complaining?
  13. Should public libraries place visitation time limits on patrons who use services to deter homelessness?
  14. How important is it for students to learn about about healthy eating choices early in their lives?
  15. Should fast food restaurants be forced to pay higher local taxes as a way to fight against obesity?
  16. Should people who are obese have to pay for taking up extra seats in airplanes, busses, and movie theatres?

These are just a few ideas for you to consider using for your assignment. Professional academic writing services can provide you with all the information you need to learn how to write an editorial essay. You can also find one-on-one support and get even more outstanding paper topics to choose from.