Writing a classification essay in 4 simple steps

When writing a classification essay, you elaborate on how to classify things, objects or ideas related to the topic you are focusing on. These 4 steps will make your work on a classification essay easy and fast.

  1. Firstly, think thoroughly about the categories your topic might have. It is recommended to study the topic from different sources since you may skip some of the categories which could be essential when doing classification. The easiest way to do that is to find a dictionary (you can use online dictionaries as well) and refer to the definition of the subject you are writing about. Good dictionaries provide long descriptions of different terms and subjects with already defined categories. If your topic has not been classified before, you can do it by yourself using examples of other topics and terms.

  2. After thinking of possible categories, make sure that you can find arguments to support your decision. You should also be aware of the fact that you will have to give definitions to every category and have enough information on them. There must be an equal amount of information related to every category. For example, you have to write an essay where you are asked to classify different types of water. You know that water exists in 3 different conditions, however you should provide enough information on every category.

  3. Mind the structure. A classification essay does not differ from other types of essays in terms of structure and organization. While your primary focus should be on defining categories you have to include an introduction and conclusion either. Formulate a hypothesis and explain your classification choices in the introduction. Your conclusion should include a short summary of all categories and confirmation of your classification choices.

  4. Finally, just like in any essay, you will have to deal with a literature review and citations. You can suggest your own ideas on classifying things, objects or ideas, however, your thoughts should be based on literature and researches on your topic. You will need to use examples when explaining each category. Remember to use correct style and citations when you are referring to someone`s ideas or words. This applies also to paraphrasing the author`s words. Finally, review your essay before submitting it in order to avoid mistakes and typos.