Funny Satirical Essay Topics from Professional Writers

One of the easiest ways of achieving success with a writing assignment is to develop a really good topic. We know that sometimes students have trouble developing their own, so we’ve asked some professionals to come up with this list of satirical essay topics for high school

  1. Government sponsored euthanasia programs for students with average or below-average test scores: how we can help solve problems with over-populated school districts that lack in resources and we can help the nation’s population problem as a whole.
  2. Effective and creative ways to use television programming to raise our nation’s children and provide adults with the extra free time they need to catch up with work and pay off their long-term debts they’ve incurred as a result have having families.
  3. Can we take a page from Charles Dickens’ utopian society in mid-19th century England? Using child labor as s way to punish kids who have damaged public property. How effective is this in making the world a better place?
  4. Should students be forced to pay for their education when they fail to do well academically as a way to encourage students to do better in class? How would this affect the way schools handle curricula when they know they can make more by providing cheap education?
  5. How to use air conditioning as a means to end global warming: Have environmentalists been giving us all the wrong information right from the start? Are solar companies keeping us from using A/C technologies for business reasons?
  6. People should learn how to use as many tax loopholes as possible if they want to separate themselves from the majority of citizens who blindly pay for outdated government services. Evasion shows intelligence and shouldn’t be punished.
  7. High schools should consider material that is posted on social media sites literature and teach on the subjects that matter the most to students today: What are the Kardashians up to and is there any way we can all learn from them?
  8. Parents should come into school and teach classes for one day to understand exactly what teachers have to go through in providing education for unruly children. It would be a great way of providing punishment for both parents and children at the same time.
  9. The military should hold bake sales in order to raise money, while schools should be given all the funding they require. The best way to achieve this would be introduce legislature at the federal level, forcing the nation to take notice.
  10. Medical doctors should have to pay their patients for the inability to provide the appropriate treatment and cure their patients. This way we can be sure that doctors do everything in their power to save a buck and provide great healthcare.

These are just a few of the great satirical essay topics for high school that professional writers can come up with for your assignment. Check out here for more great ideas developed by the people who know how to do this the best.